The Sims Free-play Guidelines, Guides & Plans More Hints to Make Simoleons and Lifestyle Points

However, just to remind you, this is a game for Android and iOS devices, and it is from the exact same (present ) manufacturers of the Sims series, Electronics. The latter two are rather important, which explains why our The Sims FreePlay strategy guide will help keep pushing forward with additional sims free play cheats that will help you get more Lifestyle Points and money. And just as a teaser, this certainly won’t be the final part in our series.

1. Clean Up The Mess
Gross as it might sound, it will happen — if your Sims are not able to visit the bathroom, they’ll wet their trousers or do their business where they shouldn’t. Also, vibration your phone or tablet will cause your Sims to get nauseated and throw up. Clean up the clutter and find some Lifestyle Points for doing this.

2. Buy The Community Center
Buying the Community Center could allow your Sims to have a pastime and hone their abilities while they’re at it. Hobbies run the gamut from figure skating to ghost hunting, and each one of these hobbies will earn you rewards; completing a Sim’s collection will earn you even larger rewards.

3. Send Sims Into The Competition Center
If your Sims’ abilities are sufficiently leveled up, that may mean better prizes if they win in the Contest Center.

4. Driving Can Make You LPs And Money
If you’ve got your own Sims go out and push, you can earn both Simoleons and Lifestyle Points. Try to catch the audio notes for more money, and possibly some LP if you luck out while performing so and tapping the notes.

5. Buy More Than One Item
This would be helpful if you’re trying to create something that takes some time to be created. As an instance, if you are baking something, get two ovens and do not settle with one. But do not splurge on expensive ovens, as that won’t expedite the baking process in any way.

6. Spend Your Money Wisely
If you’ve got a great deal of money to burn, do not spend on anything you would not end up using after all — this contrasts the basics of maintaining a budget in real life. Likewise, it’s also wise to save on LP as there are some jobs that would demand them. Sell items you do not need anymore, for instance, a baby cradle you won’t require any more when the baby grows up. And do not spend actual money on Simoleons, as you will receive more in-game cash soon enough in the event that you follow the above mentioned sims freeplay money cheat and do the right things in the game.